Ideally we want to hold the national tournament 8 months before Champions Cup in Europe

(held in Nov each year). As such, we want to aim for holding the Nationals in March/April
each year, with a second tournament around August/September. This leaves room for
international tournament in July (European Championships 2017) & Champions Cup in Nov.
Nationals options for various states:

Perth – potential pool freely available in winter (May)

Tas – has small pool (12 m long – JUST within the allowed dimensions), still may be
suitable for tournament.
Canberra – may have facilities in March.

Proposed schedule for nationals (TBC).

2017 – Perth (May) Event UWR Nationals 2017 Invitation 2.0 web

2018 – Tasmania

2019 – Canberra

2020 – Adelaide

If these states forfeit, then goes back to Sydney.

Australian 2016 National Championship – Ringwood Victoria

10th CMAS World Championship

26 July – 1 August 2015 in Cali, Colombia

In 2015, for the first time, the Australian national men’s and women’s teams will compete in the 10th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championship in Cali, Colombia this July and August.

Twenty seven players in the national team were selected in April 2015 following a competitive process led by international coach Ricardo Andres Iriarte Pulido. To train, national team players from across Australia meet at training camps in different cities (ie Sydney: Feb 2015, Brisbane: April & June 2015), as well as regular training sessions with their local clubs.

Representing Australia in the World Championships will raise the international profile of underwater rugby, provide an elite level of competition for Australian players, and build capacity, skills and knowledge to continue building the league at home. The team has already been highly successful in domestic and international competitions, including the Trans-Tasman Cup (2009 – 2014) and the Pan-Pacific Cup (2015).

Meet the national underwater rugby team:



Facebook: 10th CMAS World championship

Live streaming of the games will happen here!


Swim to Colombia fundraising campaign

Donate to the team at

‘Swim to Colombia’ is a fundraising event to support the Australian women’s and men’s teams in the World Championship. Participants aim to swim a total of 14,052km in pools around Australia, the distance between Australia and Colombia. Funds raised in the Swim to Colombia campaign will contribute to essential competition costs including entry fee, uniforms, flights and accommodation. Check out their progress at Swim to Colombia or use the hashtag, #swimtocolombia

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