About us

In 2015, Underwater Rugby achieved official recognition as an (amateur) sport in Australia under the auspices of the Australian Sport Commission and our governing body the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). The UWRA Commission is the body responsible for all national matters relating to the sport of Underwater Rugby in Australia. In conjunction with clubs, we aim to promote, advance, foster and cultivate the game of underwater rugby, and provide access to social and competitive experiences throughout Australia for all people at all levels.

If you wish to learn more about Underwater Rugby in Australia, go to Wikipedia!

The current UWRA committee members are:

Wayne Freeman

Club Representatives:
Carlos Ledezma (Sydney)
Angus Lamin (Melbourne)
Sebastien Robin (Hobart)
Charlotte Jordans (Adelaide)
Benton Thistlethwait (Brisbane)
Bobby Chen (Canberra)
Katelyn Ten Bensel (Perth)

National Team Coach:
Ricardo Iriarte

Chief Referee:
Carlos Ledezma

Marketing & Media Manager:
Celine Steinfeld